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TCNJ Magazine: November 2008

Camillone Honored for His Lifetime of Contributions

Camillone Honored for His Lifetime of Contributions

Former athletic trainer Joe Camillone, who retired in August, was awarded the Dr. Donald Grover Memorial Award by the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) in September. The ECAC bestows the award each year to a trainer who has achieved outstanding success in his or her career and made an unusual contribution in the interest of… Continue Reading

The Skinny on Why Some Consumers Prefer Thin Models

College-aged women have a greater desire for products advertised by thin models, despite the fact that these ads make the women feel self-conscious about their own appearance, according to a study conducted by Karen Becker-Olsen, assistant professor in the School of Business, and Jeremy Kees, a colleague from Villanova University. Continue Reading

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