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In 1971, I was producing a television series on BCC-TV, and then after graduation in 1972 I got a full-time job at New Jersey Public Television (NJN & Ch. 52). I began as a cameraman and soon found myself as a producer/ director/writer doing local, regional, and national programming….even producing a national special at the college featuring the late Dr. Gordon Myers.

I stayed at NJPTV/NJN for seven years before making a brief journey to New York doing high-end industrial television programs for AT&T (at that time the largest corporation in the world), Johnson & Johnson, Exxon, Chase Bank, etc. I also began directing daytime dramas for the CBS Television Network. In 1980, I moved to Los Angeles to further my entertainment career and continue to be active today. Should there be any interest in knowing more about my global media career, please feel free to contact me. I would love to be of encouragement to others entering this field. Perhaps in the future, you might want to look to see if there are other “veterans” in the “biz” and let the alumni know about some of the “old school” grads who entered this field. It might be of encouragement to others.

George Taweel ’72

TSC in the ’70s

I really enjoyed Mike Butkus’ photos of TSC from the 1970s—and I do remember all the mud and rain. The photos brought back a lot of memories!

Mildred (Knoblauch) Lent ’76

Ed’s note: Mike’s photos can be found here: https://www.tcnjmagazine.com/?p=456.

Roommate remembrances

[September’s “Then and Now” article] was correct—I had not met my [freshman] roommate, nor did I know who it would be prior to our move-in date. I was at TSC early for football, and when we changed roommates, in one week, I had Fred Pfister ’67 move-in with me. He was an All-State tackle from Woodridge. We also shared a room in our junior year [in Lakehouse]. I was in New House that first year, and it burned down over the holidays. We all went to Bliss Basement after that. I moved off campus for the second semester. That, and my new roommates (Bill Bange, Gary Sherman ’66, and Buster Stoll ’65) saved me at TSC. My grades went up … and I graduated on time…. I met up with my first roommate again in 2006 at the New Jersey School Boards Conference in Atlantic City. We shared some stories with other grads at that time. Thanks for the memories.

Joe Calamoneri ’66, MA ’74

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