In the house

Aaron Wilson Watson ’18 takes his shot as White House videographer.

Aaron Wilson Watson

It sounds like the setup of a good joke: “I walked into the room and there were two presidents, two vice presidents, two first ladies, and a second gentleman …” Only for Aaron Wilson Watson ’18, it’s not a joke.

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Wave rider

A childhood fascination with a shortwave radio triggered an irrepressible mission in professor and patent-holder Allen Katz that’s persisted a half-century: to turn budding engineers into crack problem-solvers.

Allen Katz

In 1971, Allen Katz was tapped to help launch an ambitious new engineering program at Trenton State College that merged hands-on learning with rigorous technical training. There was just one hitch: The program’s budget didn’t quite match its big dreams.

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A dip into the deep blue

TCNJ professors and students are our water warriors as a global crisis deepens.

Students make and dye paper for artwork that calls attention to water as a precious resource.

I’ve always been obsessed with water,” says Elizabeth Mackie, professor of art and art history.

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A leader among us

Interim President Michael Bernstein sets the direction and vision of the college for the next two years.

President Michael Bernstein

Michael Bernstein has a lot of experience in higher education. He’s an author and an award-winning professor. He’s a seasoned administrator who, as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, helped lead Tulane University’s recovery from the unimaginable impacts of Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans in 2005.

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10 things you need to know about … Michael Bernstein

TCNJ’s newly minted president was happy to share a few fun facts to help us all get to know him.

President Michael Bernstein

Even though he loves a good mystery (James Lee Burke is a favorite author of his), TCNJ’s interim president was happy to share a few fun facts to help us all get to know him.

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