Archive: March 2010

Photo Gallery: Alumni Reception at the Home of Lee and Rosie Rosen Hymerling ’67

Photos from an alumni reception hosted by Rosie Rosen Hymerling ’67, a member of TCNJ’s Board of Trustees, and her husband Lee. The event was held Wednesday, March 24, at the Hymerling’s home in Haddonfield.

Reunion 2010 Schedule of Events

This year’s Reunion celebration, scheduled for April 30–May 2, features a weekend full of activities. Read what’s in store.

Then and Now: Baccalaureate Nursing Education at TCNJ

More than a century of awarding only education-related degrees ended with the matriculation of TCNJ’s first baccalaureate-track nursing students in 1966. Here is a brief look at the program’s four decades.

You Know You’re from TCNJ if…

Alumni and students have been posting their own one-liners to a facebook group that’s dedicated to determining which experiences are quintessentially TCNJ. Read on to discover some of the wittiest responses.

Making Insecticides Safer

Associate professor of chemistry Stephanie Sen’s research could lead to an environmentally safer method of controlling moths—pests that cause major agricultural damage and deforestation.

Valuable Appraiser

Despite his success in the antiques field—including appearances on a hit TV show and ownership of a flourishing arts and auction center—there’s one prized item David Rago still hopes to get his hands on: a bachelor’s degree from TCNJ.

The Citizen Soldier

Dr. Brian Trainor’s career has taken him from recording studios to military planes to operating rooms in what he himself describes as a “Forrest Gump-like life.” But his achievements seem more like markers of a modern-day Renaissance man.

Photo Gallery: Art and Interactive Multimedia Building

Take a photo tour of TCNJ’s newest building, which houses the art history, digital arts, fine arts, graphic design, interactive multimedia, and photography departments.

New Art Building Opens

The Art and Interactive Multimedia Building provides nearly 70,000 square feet of studios, classrooms, computer labs, offices, and display space. See what it looks like.