You Know You’re from TCNJ if…

You Know You’re from TCNJ if…

clocktower tulipsIt seems there is a TCNJ-related facebook group to suit everyone’s needs. Our favorite, of course, is the College’s official group (, which features alumni news and announcements. But of the several hundred unofficial, unaffiliated TCNJ groups, we noticed that they are devoted to topics ranging from the serious and scholarly—TCNJ Philosophical Society’s group, for example—to the somewhat absurd—the “TCNJ Public Displays of Affection” group, for example. PDAs, according to a group posting, are “a widespread epidemic on campus that must either be stopped or mocked.”

Falling somewhere between these two extremes is the “You know you’re from TCNJ if…” group we recently found. Members are encouraged to post their own punch line; many TCNJ students (and quite a few alumni, we noticed) did. Some of the posts are humorous, some are a bit abstract, and some are just plain vulgar. To save you some time, we culled what we thought were the wittiest responses.

So, without further ado, you know you’re from TCNJ if:

  • You’ve lounged on the T/W “beach”
  • When you say “the Stud,” you are referring to a place and not a person.
  • You accept that New Residence Hall is 25 years old.
  • EVERYTHING is an acronym! SOCS, PAWS, CEL, IDS, FSP—need I say more?
  • You get daily e-mails about sidewalk closures.
  • You make facebook groups called “You know you’re from TCNJ if…”
  • You pronounce “Loser” differently from the rest of the world.
  • People care more about the big sparkly balls on campus than the recent gubernatorial race.
  • You still want to make a Halo Farms run…five years after you graduated!
  • Not a day goes by that you don’t miss it!

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