How We Got Here: The Cheer Squad

They flip, spot, throw, and fly. They also win championships.

Top: Ariana Bazan; bottom L to R: Mackenzie Bozzomo, Hannah Devoe, Sophia Schmidt

I have been cheering since I was 5 years old. I wanted to cheer in college, and TCNJ has such a talented group of girls. And the coaching staff is amazing. Everyone in the cheer world knows us. We are a club sport, but we practice as much as any varsity athletic team at the school. We pride ourselves on being ambassadors for TCNJ and even our state.

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Military support

Making sure the spouses of U.S. service members thrive is Evie King’s mission accomplished.

Evie King '08 and her husband Jon '07

Evie King ’08 makes her soldier choke up with the news of her latest accomplishments. “There’s just something absolutely beautiful about someone who is willing to sacrifice their desires and their time to help the people around them,” says Jon King ’07, a major in the United States Army and husband to the 2023 Military Spouse of the Year.

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Brain break

Put on your best game face and play along for a trip down memory lane.

Brain break

It's your move. Play along with these interactive games that are sure to bring campus to mind.

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Do we need African American studies?

As the nation debates, those in TCNJ’s department proclaim a resounding “Yes,” as they have for decades.

Zakiya Adair

When TCNJ students return to campus in August, there will be a new course offering: Introduction to African American Studies. After designing it with colleagues for more than a year, Professor Zakiya Adair, who is jointly appointed in the African American studies and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies departments, is pleased with how the course took shape.

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Face the music

For Sony Music’s Jennifer Fowler and Billboard’s Jason Lipshutz, college was the opener for what would be their life’s work.

Sony Music’s Jennifer Fowler and Billboard’s Jason Lipshutz

Long before she became senior vice-president of marketing and commercial partnerships at Sony Music, Jennifer Fowler ’96, who had majored in communications, called WTSR home.

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