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Believe it or not!

Two professors speak the truth about the enduring allure of conspiracy theories.

Friends indeed

Mercer County’s largest food bank has more room to help — thanks to some chance TCNJ connections.


Avery Faigenbaum shows his strength as a pediatric exercise researcher and policy changer.

In the house

Aaron Wilson Watson ’18 takes his shot as White House videographer.

Wave rider

A childhood fascination with a shortwave radio triggered an irrepressible mission in professor and patent-holder Allen Katz that’s persisted a half-century: to turn budding engineers into crack problem-solvers.

A dip into the deep blue

TCNJ professors and students are our water warriors as a global crisis deepens.

Do we need African American studies?

As the nation debates, those in TCNJ’s department proclaim a resounding “Yes,” as they have for decades.

Face the music

For Sony Music’s Jennifer Fowler and Billboard’s Jason Lipshutz, college was the opener for what would be their life’s work.

AI has entered the chat

It’s too early to know if it will ultimately bring promise or peril, but artificial intelligence is here.