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Summer reading recommendations from TCNJ’s English department

In addition to literary scholars and critics, the faculty in the Department of English includes poets, novelists, biographers, professional writers, and journalists. So who better to ask to recommend a good book to read?

Model researcher

Mathematical and computational biologist Jana Gevertz devises equations that mimic tumor progression. Her work is helping in the fight against glioblastoma, a complex and deadly form of brain cancer that poses a persistent challenge to researchers and clinicians.

All tech is “dust in the wind”

Professor Andrew Carver had his students trade texting for telegraphy during a lesson on innovation.

Death goes digital

As our lives become increasingly dominated by our login information, some scholars have started to question what happens to all those digital accounts when we’re no longer around to manage them. TCNJ researchers have devised a way to address the issue.

Sociology prof studies the transitions today’s emerging adults experience

Professor Tim Clydesdale has identified a “typology” of approaches to life that young adults fall into after college, and has a theory as to why many young Americans are what he refers to as “stunned strugglers.”

Navigating the ever-changing world of Internet-based Health Communication

Yifeng Hu explores the eclectic offerings available through new media—from medical blogs and commercial websites, to 3D virtual worlds where people with disabilities communicate through avatars, to mobile apps that transmit dietary tips to shoppers as they cruise grocery store aisles. Her findings have implications for policymakers, medical professionals, and cure seekers.

Great Expectations: How “Titanic” Burst the Wireless Technology Bubble

Millions of Americans thought trans-oceanic travel was safe thanks to wireless telegraphy. The sinking of the world’s most famous ship proved them wrong.

Social inequality is mirrored in the media, says communication studies professor

Social inequality is a theme running through the articles selected by John C. Pollock, a professor of communication studies, for a special issue of a leading journal, “Mass Communication and Society.”

History prof named Teacher of the Year for NJ Studies

The New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance (NJSAA) named Robert McGreevey, assistant professor of history, its 2011 Teacher of the Year for his innovation and creativity in teaching New Jersey studies.