Which TCNJ Professor had the biggest impact on your life?

Which TCNJ Professor had the biggest impact on your life?

Readers showed the love for their favorite faculty member. Here are some of our favorite responses:

[Illustration by Martin Haake.]

John Karsnitz, technological studies. “Dr. K” was a pioneer in the field of STEM education who paved the way for a generation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educators. A brilliant academic and inspirational mentor, he pushed his students to think critically and find practical applications for their work. Professor Karsnitz treated his students as colleagues, encouraging them to share their opinions and making them feel like their ideas mattered, because to him, they did.
—Stephen Cappello ’01, Stefani Migiani Kirk ’09,
and Tim Zavacki ’01

Their professor shout-out goes to…


Pamela Kravitz, business. She taught from the heart, not from a book, and her passion for human resource management soon became my passion. Thirteen years later, she still reaches out to see how I’m doing.
—Heather Schwartz Zelehoski ’02



joe-croppedJoe Ellis, history. He taught me to love the U.S. Constitution as well as how to teach. We kept in touch long after graduation, and he grew to be a good friend.
—Roger McCloughan ’76




matthew-croppedMatthew Wund ’99, biology. Doing fieldwork in Alaska with him and my lab mates led to a Fulbright Fellowship, during which I studied stickleback evolution in Finland.
—Krishna Parekh ’13



[Headshots illustrated by Kathryn Rathke.]

By The Numbers…

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Percentage of respondents who couldn’t pick just one; some folks thanked entire departments.



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Alumna still getting homework help from her favorite TCNJ prof: Kelly Wisnewski ’13, who’s pursuing a master’s in forensic science at the University of Florida, says chemistry professor John Allison is always happy to answer her questions.



Number of words Dave Brimmer ’11 wrote to express how much of an impact psychology professor Ashley Borders had on his life—by far the longest response we received.

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  1. Thank you to TCNJ magazine for publishing this. Dr. K. embodied everything that we think of in a leader, mentor, and impact-maker in the lives of students. I am glad to see that he was recognized!

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