Letters: Summer 2015

Letters: Summer 2015

ROAD TRIPS   Remember the days when you could hop in your roommate’s car and just…go? Maybe you had a destination in mind—New York, Daytona, the Grand Canyon. Probably you didn’t. In any case, we want to hear about the ride. Send us stories about trips you took in college (no more than 200 words, please), along with any photos or artifacts that remind you of your big adventures on the open road.

Remembering Ice

I coached wrestling at several South Jersey clubs, and I always felt comfortable when a wrestler told me he was considering attending TCNJ. I knew Dave Icenhower would take care of him and help him reach his full potential. Dave was, and will forever be, a legend.

Chuck Whedon

The writer is associate athletic director for sports medicine at Monmouth University.

During the course of his 35-year career, Ice created a program that was a perennial winner—while other colleges were dropping their wrestling programs. I have been shaped by my experience wrestling for him, and I am grateful to have been a small part of what he built.

Ed Marion ’79

“So Appalled”

The Kanye West song title is an apt description of readers’ reactions to our piece on Sarah Blake ’06, whose lyric biography of the rapper was highlighted in the last issue. Here’s a sampling:

I am not sure why Kanye West, not Sarah Blake, rates so highly as to receive the major focus of the TCNJ X 10 page. Look at West’s body of work and you will find some interesting—maybe even influential—poetry; only time will tell. Look beyond that and you will find self-aggrandizement to the extreme and a crude, rude, and uncivilized nature.

Paul E. Kirby ’72, MEd ’90

I’m glad TCNJ Magazine covered the release of Sarah Blake’s first poetry collection by a major publisher, but I was surprised the article focused mostly on Kanye West. Sarah’s success is a tremendous feather in TCNJ’s cap, yet she received more engaged coverage from NPR, The Chicago Tribune, Harper’s, and other national media outlets.

Catie Rosemurgy

The writer is an associate professor of English at TCNJ and the author of two poetry collections.



Our sincere apologies to Patricia Nevins Crosby ’78, whom we inadvertently listed in last issue’s “In Memoriam.”


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