Up Front

Up Front

How did you earn money in college?

We received quite a few responses to last issue’s question. Here are some of our favorites:


StampaPlaying video games

I’ve played casually and competitively since age 2; it finally paid off in 2013 when I won almost $300,000 in the Turbo Racing League World Championship. My parents had pushed me to get a job that summer, and I did try for a bit. Then I learned about this game competition. The outcome was much better than it would have been had I pumped gas or worked as a cashier for $8 an hour. These days, I make money investing in stocks and mutual funds.

—Brian Dragotto, sophomore finance major


rat pin from rob mikula3

Number of respondents who still have a piece of the work uniform they wore on campus—and sent pictures to prove it.
Ray McCarthy ’88, Rob Mikula ’85, Beth Deene ’85


Percentage of respondents who worked in food service, the most commonly reported college job in our poll.


Layout 11

Number of respondents who reported being pulled over by campus police for driving a golf cart on
Metzger Drive, the campus loop, while delivering food.
Thomas A. Parmalee ’01 says he got off with a warning—and the pizza was still hot upon arrival.

line portrait


Work-study. I had campus jobs for seven of my eight semesters, and my favorite, by far, was working in the dining hall. I loved everything about it: the tray-washing machines, the glass machines, the slop chute, and especially the camaraderie!

—Judy Braund Cain ’62


line portraitPlaying poker. I played in tournaments in college and finished in the top 10 in a few. My biggest win came at the Borgata Fall Poker Open, in 2011, when I took home first place and $14,665.

—Christopher Brand ’12



line portraitWrapping Down Under. I worked at Wrapt, a restaurant in a mall food court, while studying in Sydney, Australia, in 2007. Customers and coworkers enjoyed my use of words like “garbage” (rubbish), “candy” (lollies), and “fries” (chips).

—Kendahl Shortway ’08


Want to play along?

For our next issue we want to hear about road trips you took in college.

Remember the days when you could hop in your roommate’s car and just…go? Maybe you had a destination in mind—New York, Daytona, the Grand Canyon. Probably you didn’t. In any case, we want to hear about the ride. Send us stories about trips you took in college, along with any photos or artifacts, to magazine@tcnj.edu  or  TCNJ Magazine, The College of New Jersey, PO Box 7718, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718.

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