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How to handle an office bully

How to handle an office bully

shutterstock_239927956Got a coworker who repeatedly and intentionally intimidates, offends, or humiliates you? Pam Kravitz, associate professor of marketing, management, and interdisciplinary business, can help. Her research on workplace bullying was recently published in the International Journal of Business, Humanities, and Technology.

Here are her tips for dealing with the problem.

  1. Avoid crossing paths with the bully, or at the very least avoid being alone with him or her.
  2. If avoidance isn’t feasible, try ignoring what he or she says to you. Oftentimes bullies will lose interest if they don’t get a reaction. Remind yourself you’re better than what they are saying about you.
  3. Or stand up to the bully. Bullies prey on people they think are weak, so confidently ask the person to stop. You can also try acting unusually nice to them, or using humor to throw them off.
  4. Take it upstairs. Many human resources departments have anti-bullying policies in place, and an HR manager—or union representative—can suggest what your next course of action should be.

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