How I Got Here: Patrick McCarthy ’18

How I Got Here: Patrick McCarthy ’18

The son of Phillies’ broadcaster Tom McCarthy ’90, Pat hopes to continue in the family business. He’s off to a great start at TCNJ, where he does play-by-play for live web streams of Lions games. The sophomore communications major, who transferred from Syracuse, is also a relief pitcher on TCNJ’s baseball team.

TCNJ_Pat_011FINALI originally went to Syracuse because the communications program was too good to pass up. I made a lot of great memories there, but the distance from home just became too much. When I decided to transfer, I knew TCNJ was where I wanted to be.

I’ve called everything from football to field hockey here and it’s been an awesome experience. Had I stayed at Syracuse, there’s a chance I wouldn’t have gotten on the air until my junior or senior year.

My partner in the booth is senior Chris Drabik. Our first broadcast together was the football game against Ursinus. That was also the first time we spoke to each other. We just got in the booth and went with it. Now that we’ve been calling games together for several months, we’re getting a rhythm down. We still struggle at times, but we’re making strides. I think by the end of basketball season it’s going to sound pretty close to a legit broadcast.

“My biggest role model in broadcasting is obviously my dad. He listens to all of my broadcasts and gives me pointers, which is pretty cool.”

My biggest role model in broadcasting is obviously my dad. He listens to all of my broadcasts and gives me pointers, which is pretty cool. One of the most important things he taught me was to not be afraid to take my time. A lot of play-by-play guys who are starting out feel the need to rush their delivery to keep up with the action. It’s more important to get the call right.

I was a two-sport athlete in high school, but I was actually a lot better at basketball than baseball. Then one summer I started messing around in the outfield, throwing submarine style. I asked my coach if I could give it a try. He watched me throw a bullpen session and saw enough to give me a shot in a game. I ended up pitching two scoreless innings that summer.

I kept working on my delivery at Syracuse, where I played club baseball, and at a sports training facility near home. What started as a joke has resurrected my baseball career; had I not done it, I wouldn’t be playing baseball at TCNJ. It’s been a godsend and a really cool experience.

—as told to Brandon Gould


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  1. dear Patrick
    I just read your article and I wanted to say how proud I am of you. You have grown into such a fine young man and this family is very very proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work and know we are behind you 100%. Love you

  2. Great article. Cool things happening at TCNJ all the time. Big fan of Patrick’s dad.. and now, Patrick!

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