Gone but not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten


The four-story edifice known to some as the Humanities Building — but to most as Holman Hall — was torn down in March to make room for a new STEM Building, one part of a $94 million expansion of TCNJ’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics facilities. Holman Hall’s more recent ga0323demolition-6-Kurdzukoccupants would likely be hard pressed to find complimentary things to say about their accommodations. Yet when a photo of the building’s demolition was posted to Facebook, it prompted an outpouring of nostalgia from alumni who spent their days (and sometimes all night) in Holman’s classrooms, labs and studios.. Fret not, though: while the familiar structure that stood beside Lake Ceva for 41years is gone, most of the building’s materials — bricks, concrete, glass, copper, metal and so on — are being recycled by the College. Some will even be incorporated into the new science and technology building.

Top photo (c) TCNJ archives. Bottom photo (c) The Star-Ledger, Newark NJ

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