Up Front: Fall 2013

In classical mythology, the Muses were the source of all knowledge pertaining to the arts and sciences, and throughout the ages, these goddesses have served as a wellspring of inspiration for the great thinkers and creators.

At TCNJ, MUSE is short for Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience—an intensive, eight-week program during which students and faculty collaborate on scholarly and creative projects. It, too, inspires new learning and creativity in a multitude of disciplines by giving TCNJ students—including these 2013 MUSE participants—the opportunity to work in close, mentored collaboration with the College’s teacher-scholars.

Faculty-student scholarly and creative collaborative activities are a hallmark of the educational experience at TCNJ, providing powerful learning experiences that prepare undergraduates for graduate work or professional endeavors. Click here to learn more.

What’s your MUSE?

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