Letters: Fall 2013

Letters: Fall 2013

More on the 14b’s

I took the picture of the “Looking back” photo from the March 2013 issue to my college classmate Ruth (Haase) Harris ’53. We concur with Lynette Birkins, whose paragraph of identities was in the June magazine, with two exceptions: top row, first on left, can’t be Janet Scott, because Janet said in her letter that she was among the missing in the card game. I think it might be Irene (Zizak) Garrett, 14b of ’55. And front row, black dress I think is Beth Rankin, not Jane Davidson. Right or wrong, it sure is fun to conjure up old friends and fond memories. This group of 14b’s (1956) were freshmen when I was a senior. Keep us posted—thanks!

Nancy Mueller ’53

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