Meet Your New Alumni Association President

Meet Your New Alumni Association President

Terri Martinac ’72, MEd ’73 loves her Alma Mater, no matter its name.

“It was a wonderful school when I was a student there and we called it ‘Trenton State,’ and I still value the excellence of the school now known as ‘TCNJ,’” Terri said. “The name change was never an issue with me.”

terri martinac
Alumni Association President Terri Martinac ’72, MEd ’73

Terri chose to attend then-Trenton State College because she “wanted to be a teacher, and TSC had such a great reputation as a teacher’s college at the time.” Though her career path diverged from that original goal—she worked for 15 years in higher education, and has spent the past 20 years working for the Department of Law and Public Safety— “the education I received and leadership skills I learned at the College have served me well throughout my career,” Terri said.

She continues to give back to her Alma Mater both financially (she recently endowed a music scholarship in honor of her parents) and through volunteering her time (her term as Alumni Association president started this fall), and hopes to inspire more alumni to do either or both.

“The College of New Jersey is a great place,” Terri said. “I loved it as a student, and I love the satisfaction I get from helping the College continue to move forward.”

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