Up Front: March 2013

Some people dream about being in the spotlight; others dream of working behind the scenes. In college, Christy Ney ’99 realized she was part of the latter group. For the last six years, Ney has worked backstage at one of Broadway’s most popular shows, Wicked. It’s a job many people in theater production would dream of having. Click here to discover what it’s like.

While we’re on the topic of jobs, we’ve heard of job-hopping, but Dave Herman ’07 took the practice to a whole new level in 2012. Herman worked 100 different jobs last year as part of a personal quest to gain life experience and help him grow as a writer and performer. His gigs ranged from the mundane to the glamorous, but none of them were his dream job. What is? Click here to find out.

 What’s your dream job?


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