Alumni Association donates $50,000 in scholarships to assist students affected by Hurricane Sandy

Alumni Association donates $50,000 in scholarships to assist students affected by Hurricane Sandy

“One does not need to be a victim to feel the impact of the devastation of this superstorm,” said Sue McDowell ’75, a member of the Alumni Association executive board scholarship committee. “It abruptly changed the lives and future plans of many, including our students and their families.”

Hitting very close to home for many TCNJ students, Hurricane Sandy has affected some of their lives in more ways than they could have expected.

“As the students and families began the difficult task of putting their lives back together, one of the challenges these students were facing was not being able to return to TCNJ for their spring semester, or perhaps not at all,” McDowell explained.

bricksTaking quick action, the scholarship committee brainstormed possible solutions in order to afford as many of the affected students as possible the chance to return to their studies without additional financial stress.

The Hurricane Sandy Scholarship Program, approved by the Alumni Board on January 15, 2013, makes available up to $50,000 to assist students in their return to TCNJ for the spring 2013 semester. The scholarship is administered through the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

“There wasn’t a single dissenting vote,” said Peggy Lauricella ’72, MEd ’78.

Funds for this scholarship come from TCNJ’s Alumni Brick Campaign, established in 2005. All of the funds raised through brick purchases are earmarked for student scholarship. Since 2005, 1,000 bricks have been purchased and installed in the Alumni Grove.

“This seemed to be the perfect way to use the money,” Lauricella said.

“The alumni of TCNJ have always responded to those in need, and this time, it is our future that we are helping,” said McDowell. “The impact of Sandy continues to be felt on a daily basis, but will lessen with time and become only a memory. The impact our alumni and TCNJ family have will be around longer.”

Click here to learn how to purchase a brick in TCNJ’s Alumni Grove.

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