First recipient of Alyssa Ruggieri ’09 Scholar Award announced

First recipient of Alyssa Ruggieri ’09 Scholar Award announced

In May, marketing major Chelsea Tompkins ’13 (third from left) was named the first Alyssa Ruggieri ’09 Scholar. The award honors Ruggieri, a 2009 marketing graduate who tragically died in March 2010, and allows a junior or senior business student to work with a marketing professor on a research project, something Ruggieri did as an undergraduate. Tompkins will be working with Jean Brechman on a project related to Brechman’s research on marketing communications. An anonymous donor funded this year’s award, but an effort is underway to create a permanent endowment for the award, and contributions from Ruggieri’s family, friends, and former classmates and professors have already been received. Those looking for more information on the award can contact the development office at 800.347.9621. Pictured with Tompkins above are (l-r) Dean William Keep, Professor John McCarty, and Alyssa’s family: brother, Devin ’12, and parents, Todd and Michele.

Photo (c) Dustin Fenstermacher

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  1. […] Together with Chelsea Tompkins ’13, Brechman is working on a research project related to marketing… “We’ll be considering the parallels between one of the traditional ways marketers collect consumer feedback (i.e., online surveys) and a newer channel of consumer feedback, namely YouTube,” Brechman says. “We’re using ad campaigns from the past five Super Bowls to compare whether viewer attitudes, intentions, sentiment, etc. are similar between survey data and online YouTube conversations.” […]

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