Faculty and staff retirements

The following members of the College community retired during the period July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.

Charleen Alderfer, associate professor of counselor education
George M. Balog, assistant professor of music
Mary G. Biggs, professor of English
Susan M. Blair-Larsen, professor of special education, language, and literacy
Aristomen A. Chilakos, professor of health and exercise science
Harry L. Hess, professor of mechanical engineering
Karen Howe, professor of psychology
William Klug, professor of biology
Gary Lipton, associate professor of biology
John McDonnell, assistant professor of music
Martin W. Paulsson, assistant professor of history
Howard A. Robboy, associate professor of sociology and anthropology
Ellen M. Seradarian, instructor of modern languages
Marianna Sullivan, professor of political science
Philip A. Tate, assistant professor of music

Evelyn Astore, office support staff, alumni affairs
James E. Boatwright, director, academic support programs
Susanne Marie Cavallo, program assistant, art
Susan Ciotti, professional services specialist, Honors Program
Patrice Coleman-Boatwright, associate vice president, community relations and special campus events
Rudolph J. Deinhardt, senior building maintenance worker, building services
Charles C. Dyer, office support staff, public relations and communications
Karen E. Ferrara, office support staff, art
Sheryl H. Flynn, office support staff, health and exercise science
Steve Garrett, supervisor of mail, mailing and receiving
Elizabeth C. Lawton, technical library assistant, library
Ruth Sunarko Leono, assistant director, payroll office
S. Jane Levandusky, secretarial assistant, mathematics and statistics
Robert J. Mansure, clerk driver, mailing and receiving
Alexander Michalchuk, laboratory mechanic state collector, School of Engineering
Barbara A. Nyzio, secretarial assistant, modern languages
Thomas R. Pesta Jr., data processing
analyst, enterprise applications
Joanne M. Popowski, assistant director, School of Science
B. William Power, technical operations analyst CATV, network and technical services
Herbert Smith, assistant housekeeping supervisor, building services
Rita Hsu Syers, office support staff, admissions
Dennis Thomas, senior building maintenance worker, building services
Barbara H. Wineberg, treasurer

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  1. This is many, many years later, but wanted to acknowledge the work of Phillip Tate. What an excellent professor and orchestra leader. I was honored to have spent a brief time in his program.

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