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Photo gallery: colorful campus

Photo gallery: colorful campus

Click on any image below to open a slide-show of springtime campus photos taken throughout the years. More springtime archival photos can be found by clicking here or here.

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  1. The pictures are beautiful. Does that mean someone has gotten rid of the disgusting geese that were all over the campus when I took a ride through campus a few years back or did you manage to find areas that had not been either pooped on or eaten by these foreign invaders? I always felt that we had a beautiful campus and it is hard for us “old-timers” to reconcile parking garages and new buildings named after our professors (Alfred Holman) but the geese were just vile. I did not even get out of the car for fear of slipping! I will look @these pix to remember what was.


    Jane Pedersen Keil ’66

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