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Holocaust Survivor Ethnographies

Holocaust Survivor Ethnographies

The spring 2008 issue of TCNJ Magazine included a story about an ethnography project undertaken by students in two courses: Representing the Holocaust, a senior seminar capstone taught by Professor of English Ellen Friedman, and Representations of the Holocaust, an honors class co-taught by Friedman and Professor of Art Lois Fichner-Rathus.

Several students from the class were kind enough to share their ethnographies with TCNJ Magazine. These writings were the culmination of months of work done by the students. Rather than include excerpts of them, which might not do justice to the amount of work done by the students or the amazing personal histories shared by the survivors, we are including links to full-text PDFs of the ethnographies we received. Click on the links below to open the PDFs.

Meghan Bermudez ’08 wrote about the experiences of Hilde Schottlander

Keith Carmey ’08 wrote about the experiences of Esther Kanarek

Sara Jackrel ’10 wrote about the experiences of Robert Fischl

Kristin Kellett ’14 wrote about the experiences of Sydney Newman

Ashley Reichelmann ’08 wrote about Vera Goodkin

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