Today’s Forecast Calls For…

Today’s Forecast Calls For…

umbrellas pictureHeaded to campus? Then be sure to check out Nate Magee’s Web site to see whether or not you’ll need that umbrella. Magee, an assistant professor of physics, recently oversaw the installation of a weather station on the Science Complex roof. The station continuously records a full range of meteorological data that is uploaded to Magee’s Web site ( and also feeds into National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) computers.

The station data has played a critical role in Magee’s Meteorology classes, and has also helped astronomy students choose optimal observing times in the observatory. Biology and computer science faculty will soon be using it in their classes as well, Magee said.

NOAA incorporates the data recorded on TCNJ’s campus into its numerical forecasting models, which play an important role during severe weather emergencies, Magee added.

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