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Lion’s tale: “Ace of Cakes” is also an ace on bass

Lion’s tale: “Ace of Cakes” is also an ace on bass
duff goldberg
Photo (c) Cindy Friedman '89

Jeffery Adam (aka “Duff”) Goldman is best known for his work in the kitchen, but during a recent visit to campus the Food Network star showed he has some serious musical talent as well. Goldman is the owner of Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, Maryland, where he and his staff create custom baked goods in whatever size and shape patrons request—from an edible R2D2 to a Pac Man video game to a miniature Hogwarts Castle. The hit show Ace of Cakes chronicles the day-to-day exploits of Goldman and his staff as they use conventional baking tools as well as blowtorches, belt sanders, and power saws to bring these fantastical creations to life. But Goldman, a self-proclaimed music lover, has confessed that his alternate dream job would be playing bass in a rock band. Prior to giving a lecture in Kendall Hall this September—during which he urged TCNJ students to follow their own dreams, wherever they might lead—Goldman lived out his rock star fantasies as he and his band, …soihadto…, performed several songs in front of a large crowd in the Student Center.

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