TCNJ education prof and students present research in Sweden

TCNJ education prof and students present research in Sweden

OMEP 2010 hinitz

Pictured above, left to right, are Amitya Kumara, Blythe Hinitz, Margaret Shore, Rachel Pender ’10, and Katelyn Marx ’10.

Blythe Hinitz, professor of elementary and early childhood education at TCNJ, and two early childhood education/psychology alumnae—Rachel Pender ’10 and Katelyn Marx ’10—were invited to present at the 2010 World Congress of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP), held in Göteborg, Sweden, in August.

Hinitz and Pender, along with Professor Amitya Kumara (faculty of psychology, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia) and Margaret Shore (director, SekolahkuMySchool, Yogyakarta, Indonesia) presented research from their jointly published paper, “Anti-Bullying Research: Linking Early Childhood Educators in Indonesia and the United States.” Their work focused on anti-bullying research with young children from the perspectives of the disciplines of psychology and education.

Hinitz also gave a presentation titled, “Implementing Anti-bullying Programs for Young Children in the USA: An Integration of Citizenship Education and Gender Research,” while Pender gave a presentation titled, “Boys and Girls Respond Differently to Literacy: An International Study Analyzing the Differences in Gender Literacy Preference,” which detailed research she did as an undergraduate.

Marx gave a presentation (“Gender Specific Classrooms in Early Childhood Educationon”) detailing a study she completed as an undergraduate. Her research examined whether gender-specific classrooms are more beneficial to both boys and girls than coeducational classrooms.

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