Looking back: September 2010

Looking back: September 2010
look back sept 2010
(C) 1978 "Seal"

Thursday, November 17, 1977, started out like the typical fall day, but late in the afternoon “all hail broke loose” (to quote a Signal article from the time) when a powerful storm with heavy rains, golf-ball-sized hail, and winds that reached 80 MPH swept through campus. The “freak gale” tore sections of roof off of Packer and Bray Halls, knocked out windows in the Student Center, destroyed the tennis courts, and ripped up trees and fences across campus, causing nearly $250,000 in damages along the way. Although it was over within minutes, the storm left its mark on campus, as evidenced by this photo from the 1978 Seal. The storm also left indelible marks on those who witnessed it, for as the The Signal reported, less than one hour after the storm had passed students were gathering to swap stories about where they were “When the Hailstorm Came.” If you were here at the time, we’d love to hear your story. Write us at magazine@tcnj.edu.

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  1. […] In last issue’s “Looking back,” we told you the date and location of the photo in question, which was taken after a freak gale and hailstorm hit campus. Responses to that photo just poured in. This issue’s offering is a bit more challenging. We found the undated photo above in the College archives, and we’re hoping someone can identify this quartet of crooners. It would be music to our ears if you could also tell us where and when the photo was taken. Write us at TCNJ Magazine, PO Box 7718, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718 or magazine@tcnj.edu. If you know any details surrounding this photo, we’ll print your response and sing your praises in next issue’s “Letter box” section.  Email This Post […]

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