Student thespians get WIRED!

Student thespians get WIRED!
Photo courtesy of Maddie Patrick '10

No college show blends a greater number of eccentric characters, ridiculous plot pieces, punchy one-liners, and pop-culture references than campus theater’s insomniac mash-up, WIRED! This year’s edition of the 24-hour one-act play competition—organized by All College Theater (ACT) and TCNJ Musical Theater (TMT)—pitted four teams of student playwrights, directors, actors, and crew against each other with some hilarious results. (Take for example Invasion of Chaos with Buckaroo Bonzai & the Teleportation Device, written by Brad Heisler ’13 and Matt Daley ’11, which envisioned a future where Oprah Winfrey is president and Al Gore lives with the Coca-Cola polar bears). At day’s end, Granny Mae’s Samurai Smackdown took home the prize for Best Show, and its creators, Marla Pachter ’10 and Julian Starr ’12, won the Best Writing award. Jeff Mondoro ’11 and Maddie Patrick ’10 won the Best Actor and Actress awards.

But the students who took part in WIRED! weren’t in it for the trophies. “At the end of the day, WIRED! is about innovation,” ACT vice president Melissa Standish ’12 said. “Everyone involved— the writers, the directors, the stage managers, the actors and the arbiters—has to take what they have been given, put their creativity to work, and come together to create a great show.”

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