WILL Journal Excerpt: Debra H. Cho ’10

12 Women on a Mission


I thought I could save the world at least to a small degree—I thought I could make a difference but today I realized I couldn’t. I have no money, power, or connections. I am boggled down by my own problems. I am selfish. I lie. I am irresponsible. I am constantly stressed.

As I am writing this, I feel my solidarity sister’s hand on my lap handing me a tissue. I look up to see 11 other amazing women sharing my pain and perhaps my thoughts as well.  As I look at the faces of one sister to another, I recalled a time when they’ve reached to me through tough times. Every single one of these women helped me build the road, the one I’m traveling on right now, called life. Even as I travel on this road which is MY life, it was built by the aid hundreds of other people. Small gestures and bundles of motivation got me to where I am right now.

I’m reflecting…

I still don’t think I can save world. I still do not have money, power or connections. I am still probably going to be selfish and lie at times and most definitely be irresponsible and stressed. But making a different, I think everyone makes a difference. I think our eagerness to learn in Nicaragua made a different in the minds of the Nicaraguans we met. I firmly believe that our visit here had made an impact in their lives as well as it did in ours. We exchanged bundles of motivation, love, and passion. We helped each other build a part of our own roads of life.

Besides, the condominium next to my house was built in 4 months with only a handful of people. Imagine what 12 intelligent, fierce, passionated, motivated, sometimes terrifying but always loving women can do. I just can’t say anything but HELLLOOOO world, you’ve been warned.

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