WILL Journal Excerpt: Katrina Blaise ’11

June 6, 2009

My trip has revealed to me the many faces of poverty. One of these faces is the one I see in the mirror, for this trip has made me realize that I am poor in spirit. Yes, I do not experience the Nicaraguans’ abject physical poverty; however, these people are greatly rich in spirit and their obstinate hope and perseverance is so inspiring. Though from an outside perspective, this country might seem uncivilized, this is simply not the case. I have met so many civilized individuals who find it important to contribute to their community and support one another.

I learned that they too follow the path of solidarity, not only with each other, but with the earth. This message is very fitting, for [yesterday was World Environment Day], and in celebration of this day, we went to a concert given by famous Nicaraguan artists including Salvador Cardenal. Here, music is very political and it is the best way to promote social awareness. During the concert, Salvador spoke words I would never forget. He asserted how we should be more like the birds because they are so free. It is important to understand that it is humans who create barriers for the world like imposing visas and passports; however, the earth belongs to everyone. It is our home and we all live under this big blue sky. we must take care of our home and realize that all are welcome.

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