WILL Journal Excerpt: Natalie Serra ’10

Nicaragua and my sisters have been my entire [walking-breathing-living] reality for the past 10 days. What beautiful, invaluable nourishment for my feminist spirit.

I want to really move my consciousness  to realize that this is MY life. If I truly am sincere that I am walking in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua, I cannot receive an abortion even if my life depends on it. My family is in poverty. I am hungry and hot. Even though I am educated, I cannot find a job that utilizes my skills and interests. The government in my country does not represent my opinions or elect the leaders I vote for. The land in my country is beautiful (and breathtakingly so), but non of my people respect its fragility. Change comes quick, unexpected, and violent, yet change doesn’t come fast enough to those who need it. I am Nicaraguan. I do not pity myself. I am enraged.

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