Lioness leaders

Lioness leaders

Meet TCNJ’s academic deans. A first for the college, they are all female.

1. Sunita Kramer, Science
“Science has become more specialized as our knowledge has advanced. Addressing the most complex societal problems will require collaboration and opportunities for students to engage in creative, cross-disciplinary problem-solving.”

Fun fact: “I love to grow plants, vegetables, and flowers. A few minutes in the garden helps me to see things in new ways.”

2. Kathryn Jervis, Business
“Integrity is one of our core values. Our faculty and staff model the tenets of respect, and collaboration drives student success. Our curriculum considers ethical values through case studies to prepare students for the professional world.”

Fun fact: “I play handbells with church groups. It’s relaxing and provides great fellowship.”

3. Suzanne McCotter, Education
“We train students to work with every child or client who comes before them. Inclusion is stressed and our students see racial, socioeconomic, linguistic, cultural, and cognitive diversity. Employers move TCNJ graduates to the top of the pile of applicants.”

Fun fact: “I’m a board game player. Settlers of Catan is a favorite.”

4. Carole Kenner, Nursing and Health Sciences
“We meet the health needs of our community through innovation and excellence. Our faculty are internationally recognized and write the textbooks that set the standards in their fields. Our graduates are at the forefront of providing care, education, screening, and exercise to increase wellness.”

Fun fact: “I like to needlepoint.”

5. Jane Wong, Humanities and Social Sciences
“Each of the humanities and social sciences disciplines tells the human story in some form. We offer opportunities to study abroad, engage in mentored scholarship, pursue field experiences, or participate in community-engaged learning.”

Fun fact: “I am an avid Star Trek fan. The original series illuminates issues of social injustice.”

6. Lorna Johnson-Frizell, Arts and Communication
“We’re the school of the storytellers; we hold the cultural narratives. Our students learn by doing. They publish; they produce; they create. They also study the history of their craft.”

Fun fact: “I love to travel. I come from a family of nomads, and I have lived in three countries.”

7. Andrea Welker, Engineering
“The demand for engineers is high. Our broad education, coupled with discipline-specific knowledge, makes our graduates well positioned to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Engineers make the world better.”

Fun fact: “I’m a group exercise person. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I like the classroom environment.”

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