Above the fold

Above the fold

Fine arts professor Elizabeth Mackie asks students to create wearable books. The results: Fashion fit for the style pages.

Inspired by monks who would wear Bibles around their necks, Elizabeth Mackie has long been interested in the idea of wearable art, particularly books. “Books are precious,” she says. “Something you keep close.”

Mackie made her own first attempt at a wearable book more than a decade ago when she printed words and definitions on fabric and stitched it together to form a neckpiece (left). “It was a dictionary of all the negative terminology that refers to women,” she says.

When she started teaching a Book Arts class to art and art education majors, Mackie assigned the project as a way for students to relate to a book in a different way. “We do a lot of folding at first, and looking at structures,” she says. “But the wearable books lead students to be creative with their process and get used to handling paper and what paper can do.”

Here, her students turn heads (and pages) as they get a Vogue moment to share their fashionable fiction.

Picture: Peter Murphy

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