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A fan’s Jumbotron journey

A fan’s Jumbotron journey

David DeLooper’s minute of fame in every NBA city is a real crowd pleaser

For alumnus David DeLooper ’15, there’s more to an NBA game than just what happens on the court. The crowd reaction is his jam. “Have you ever seen someone dance on the Jumbotron and the entire crowd gets energized? I wanted to do the same,” says DeLooper, who set out on a 30-for-30-for-30 goal: Attend 30 NBA games in 30 days and appear on the Jumbotron at each stop.

His cross-country arena hopping began Christmas Day 2019 in Philadelphia. When the cameras caught him cheering on the Sixers dressed as a Founding Father, he got his first roaring ovation from the 21,000 fans in attendance.

The key to completing his tall task? Arrive early, cozy up to the camera crew, and wear eye-catching costumes. “Most importantly,” he says, “you need fun dance moves.”

The play-by-play

1. Feels the Philly love as his first Jumbotron moment is history
2. Hotdogging it in Brooklyn, appears in final minutes of game
3. Finds the luck of the Irish in Beantown
4. Scores his first midgame Jumbotron interview in D.C.
5. Travels 1,600 miles west to land on the Mile High City screen
6. Things go smoothly at the Utah Jazz game
7. Crowd reaction in Charlotte was worth the overnight trip east
8. House of Highlights and its 15 million followers features him before a stop in NYC
9. Gets a Bleacher Report shoutout after a game in Miami
10. The magic continues in Orlando with a third-quarter appearance
11. Hotlanta! Film at 11
12. Catches an afternoon Clip show in LA
13. Runs it back. Sees LeBron and the Lakers later that night.
14. Gets the Kings’ attention with a crown in Sacramento
15. Hello, Cleveland! DeLooper is 15 for 15 at the halfway point.
16. Makes longest trek (2,400 miles) but looks good on Golden State’s Jumbotron
17. Minneapolis howls as DeLooper keeps his streak alive
18. Plenty of airtime on Michael Jordan’s Chicago court
19. Brings his moves to Motown as another game tops the charts
20. Border Control asks what he’s packed for Toronto. “A few costumes.”
21. Drives eight hours to Indianapolis to hang with Hoosiers
22. President Trump’s visit slows Milwaukee’s traffic but not DeLooper’s momentum
23. The New Orleans crew catches him handing out king cake
24. Graces the Memphis crowd, then leaves the building
25. Oklahoma City hears his thunder
26. Convinces San Antonio, “I’m Batman.”
27. In Houston we don’t have a Jumbotron problem
28. NBA TV picks him up in Dallas
29. Sun shines on DeLooper in Phoenix with one to go
30. Completes goal in Portland. A true Jumbotron trailblazer. See it all on Twitter: @30for30for30

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