Hope springs eternal

After nearly a year of shutdown, the college sees life and light this spring

Last year, a walk across Quimby’s Prairie lacked the typical bustle of a college campus. Students were sparse, faculty were home brushing up on their online teaching skills, and staff were largely working remotely. But the college committed to reopen for the spring semester in February, and it did so in the same way as the rest of the world — masked, with a limited number of people, and with an emphasis on physical distancing to reduce the spread of the virus.

About 1,100 students came back to live on campus in single rooms only, some classes in all seven schools were

offered with an in-person option, and the athletic teams returned to competition. As the semester continued, library hours were extended, students could visit each other’s rooms, and vaccines were distributed to the community. The Classes of 2020 and 2021 enjoyed commencement activities in Lions Stadium.

TCNJ Magazine chronicled some of these moments during the college’s transition back to normalcy as a way for future Lions to see what life was like during the pandemic.

Students couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Zoey, a golden retriever, who lives in the neighborhood.


A COVID-19 testing center was set up in Decker Hall to perform weekly testing for students, faculty, and staff.


Biology professor Matthew Wund got creative and booked two separate labs for one class and he moved between the rooms so students could safely learn in person.


Dharika Shah ’21 welcomed students back to her classroom while completing her student teaching in Hamilton.


Takeout was a popular dining option at Eickhoff Hall.


Students and families gathered at a series of commencement ceremonies, including the long-awaited return to campus for the Class of 2020.


Athletes, including the baseball team, were able to retake the field.


Students carried out routine duties, including laundry, when the residence halls reopened their doors.


Photos: Aaron Wilson Watson ’18 and Rock Jennings ’21

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