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Essentially ours

We can’t thank these TCNJ staff members enough. But we’ll try.

Look the other way

Sometimes all a class needs is a new perspective.

Down for the count

Poli sci prof accounts for a chunk of New Jersey in the 2020 census.


The chaotic pulse of the emergency room drew Dan Egan ’98 into medicine. And he’s never changed heart, even through a pandemic.

The influencers

Move over, Kylie Jenner. These professors take the top spot when it comes to making an impact.


Why America can’t look away from George Floyd’s death.

It’s still their year

We met more than 100 students from the Class of 2020 their first year and kept in touch with a smaller group all the way through their final semester.

The Commish

New Jersey’s Commissioner of Education Lamont Repollet ’94 is pretty happy about ousting Massachusetts from the nation’s No. 1 spot in K–12 education, but he has his sights set on far bigger goals.

Truth be bold

Social critic Roxane Gay talks with faculty-authors Juda Bennett, Winnifred Brown-Glaude, Cassandra Jackson, and Piper Kendrix Williams, who bare their souls to bring Toni Morrison’s work closer to you.