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How to catch a “shooting star”

How to catch a “shooting star”

Meteor showers occur when space rocks zip through the earth’s atmosphere, leaving bright streaks in their wakes. Opportunities abound in 2015 to catch one of these shows, but TCNJ observatory technician and junior physics major Joe Avenoso says the Perseids (active July 17 to August 24) and Geminids (active December 7 to 17) promise the most spectacular viewing. Continue Reading

Six ways to boost your kid’s language skills

Use a variety of words when you talk to your child. You’ll increase their vocabulary by employing a diverse vocabulary yourself. Engage your child in play activities that teach new words: songs, made-up stories, or even a simple game of “Where’s your nose?” can all help introduce new vocabulary. Ask your child questions throughout the… Continue Reading

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