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How I Got Here: Jonathan Laing

Whether it’s the NFL or the Lions, keeping athletes healthy is his priority.

Lifesavers in Training

A School of Nursing team in Haiti helped pull a toddler back from sure death.

Dealing with Dyslexia

A new TCNJ initiative provides answers for families and guidance for school districts about tackling reading disabilities.

Sustaining Service

Students still find purpose—and hope—in New Orleans

In Language Development, Do Dads Matter More?

Researchers have spent decades puzzling out how children acquire language—how thoughts become words, what biology determines, how much environment matters. But until TCNJ professor Nadya Pancsofar teamed up with Lynne Vernon-Feagans of the University of North Carolina, few studies had examined fathers’ roles in the process.

Beyond Brita

Heavy metal contaminants in the water supply can lead to developmental disabilities, organ damage and even cancer in humans. But new research on campus points to a more effective, economical and environmentally friendly way to remove toxic metals from our water.