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Fashion forward

What look from college would you like to erase — or bring back? Bell bottoms? Bouffant hairdos? Metal T-shirts? Bare midriffs? And who among us doesn’t wonder whether leg warmers and Uggs are genetically related? Send your 200-word-max opinion, photos (yes!), or cat-eye glasses to or the address above.

Looking Back… 1977

Back in the day, your typewriter didn’t talk to you or turn Skyping into slurping, and you were good with that. Typewriters, including the required bottle of dried-out Wite-Out, quickly became ubiquitous. What modern convenience do you remember from college? Or what can’t you live without now? Facebook app? E–ZPass? Smartphone? Laundry detergent pods? Confess your dependence and share with fellow Lions what it means for civilization. Share your story by writing us at the address at the top of this page or at

Looking Back: Winter 2016

We want to know what traditions and customs—whether college sanctioned or not—were popular on campus when you were a student.

Looking Back: Fall 2015

From camping out, to calling in, to connecting online, the way students register for classes has changed a lot through the years. One thing that hasn’t changed is the way students scour the course listings to find their favorite professor to register for whichever course he or she is teaching that semester. We want to know who […]

Looking Back: Summer 2015

“Miss Hillwood” was the nickname students from the 1930s through ’50s had for the college-owned bus that took them wherever they needed to go in town. The vehicle’s moniker stemmed from the area on which campus now stands—Hillwood Lakes—and there were, in fact, several Miss Hillwoods in operation through the years. We’d love to hear […]

Looking Back: Winter 2015

Back in the winter of 1952–1953, the women of Allen House went to work across campus—polishing shoes, cleaning rooms, mending clothes, and washing cars—all to buy a TV for their first-floor lounge. Within a month they had reached their goal—“proof that perspiration plus cooperation added to perspiration equals relaxation,” that year’s Seal editors proclaimed. Whether you’re among the “Allen House Service Squad” members pictured here, or you’re willing to share your own story about the odd jobs you worked in college, we’d love to hear from you.

Looking Back: Fall 2014

Billy Joel was supposed to open for Roger McGuinn at their February 8, 1974, concert at Trenton State College. But when some of Joel’s band members and instruments got stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike because of a snowstorm, the headliner became the opening act.