Archive: May 2010

Commencement 2010 Photos

Photos from our 2010 Commencement ceremonies.

Photo Gallery: Commencement through the Years

With this year’s Commencement ceremonies set for Friday, May 14, we take a look back at photos from graduation ceremonies of yesteryear.

Education Professor Contributes to “Anderson Cooper 360°” Report on Race

From May 17–21, CNN will be airing a series of reports examining children’s attitudes toward race. Tabitha Dell’Angelo, an assistant professor of early childhood and elementary education at TCNJ, served as a consultant on the project.

Alumni Association offers Long Term Care Insurance Program

The Alumni Association has endorsed a discounted Long Term Care Insurance Program, which is designed to help protect you, your family, and your retirement security. Read more.

Video: April 2010 Plays of the Month

Check out the action that made TCNJ’s sports highlight reel for April 2010, including the play of the month.

Accounting and Information Systems Department Wins 2010 Dahne Award for Faculty Excellence

In 2004, TCNJ Foundation received a bequest from Mildred M. Dahne ’32, which earmarked $217,000 to annually recognize faculty excellence. This year’s winner, the Department of Accounting and Information Systems, was recognized for its accomplishments in the areas of excellence in teaching, academic excellence, and student involvement.

Roger Rada Forever an Unsung Hero to TCNJ Athletics

Several alumni and coaches whose lives were touched by Professor Emeritus and longtime coach Roger Rada share their stories about his educational, endearing, and downright persistent ways.

Psychologist Researches our Remembrance of Things Past

Assistant professor of psychology Tamra Bireta studies the intricacies of memory, laying the groundwork for techniques that will help maximize people’s ability to remember as they age. “There seems to be a stereotype of aging that all memory gets worse, and that doesn’t seem true,” says Bireta.

Communications Students “Pay it Forward”

While learning the intricacies of working in a small, diverse group, these communications students are also learning the importance of organizing efforts to benefit a cause.