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Lioness leaders

Meet TCNJ’s academic deans. A first for the college, they are all female. 1. Sunita Kramer, Science “Science has become more specialized as our knowledge has advanced. Addressing the most complex societal problems will require collaboration and opportunities for students to engage in creative, cross-disciplinary problem-solving.” Fun fact: “I love to grow plants, vegetables, and […]

How I Got Here: Addison Savela

At the intersection of brains and brawn is TCNJ’s strength and conditioning coach.

Goodbye to a president

The TCNJ community remembers Clayton Brower’s legacy. Clayton R. Brower, 13th president of the college and namesake of the Brower Student Center, died on June 30 at the age of 99. Brower’s first interaction with the college was in the 1950s, when he served as assistant superintendent of schools in Plainfield, New Jersey. Back then, […]

How I Got Here: Chase Eisenberg ’24

For this tennis ace from California, balance is the name of the game.

Gauging the Grid

The college welcomes its first sustainability czar, and he hits the campus running. Paul Romano describes the evolution of his career in three chapters: his start as a conventional architect, his research conducted at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and his efforts to reduce carbon emissions on behalf of Con Edison, the New York […]

The living, breathing Weather

Music department takes its place in the sun as it premieres a first-of-its-kind composition.

Above the fold

Fine arts professor Elizabeth Mackie asks students to create wearable books. The results: Fashion fit for the style pages.

His story

Twenty years after his mother’s death on September 11, Michael Trerotola ’21 shares his place in history.

Full time

Joe Russo says goodbye to the program he helped create.