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Par Excellence

TCNJ President Kathryn Foster talks campus strategy.

Honor guard

Algernon Ward ’87 fortifies a forgotten Trenton cemetery.

How a house became a home

Frank Caccavale ’14 and his students build a house of dreams.

Reaching out

Kevin Wong ’09 is in the PR business of saving lives, especially for LGBTQ youth.

Voices of the people

It’s daunting to talk politics these days. But some alumni who are working in local, state, and federal roles remind us why we need not be discouraged.

Crypto 101

Cryptocurrency has gained a foothold in global economics and shows no signs of slowing down. But what the heck is it? We turn to two alumni for the basics.

It takes two

It is nearly impossible to tell identical twins Keith and Kenny Lucas apart (even their mom struggles). But that’s OK, because for these Oscar-nominated screenwriters, being inseparable is part of the package.

Crisis innovation

When COVID-19 took hold, our world changed. So, too, did the operations of every industry. Here’s how three alumni embraced the challenges and brought bright ideas to dark times.

Financial gains

Against the odds, these alumnae made it to the top of their field. Now they’re making it easier for those on their heels.