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How I Got Here: Addison Savela

At the intersection of brains and brawn is TCNJ’s strength and conditioning coach.

How I Got Here: Chase Eisenberg ’24

For this tennis ace from California, balance is the name of the game.

Full time

Joe Russo says goodbye to the program he helped create.

How I Got Here: Arianna McCleod ’25

This freshman hoopster shoots and scores in her collegiate debut.

How I Got Here: Justin Dominique ’23

Forget bending it like Beckham, this soccer forward wants to crush it like Cristiano

How I Got Here: Nicole Lester ’22

Record-breaking pole vaulter finds that her happy place is in the air.

How I Got Here: Hailey Stack ’21

When she comes up for air from her diving career, this athlete plans to jump into the juvenile justice field.

How I Got Here: Eliza Sweet ’21

Lions pitcher is focused on winning.

What a season!

Home court serves up hoop dreams for the Lions.