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Summer reading recommendations from TCNJ’s English department

In addition to literary scholars and critics, the faculty in the Department of English includes poets, novelists, biographers, professional writers, and journalists. So who better to ask to recommend a good book to read?

Lion’s Tale: Mountain Lions

Doug Smith ’76, Gary “Bennie” Adams ’77, Bruce Chinery ’77, and Greg Ficarra ’77 became close friends while living on Wolfe 2 
in the mid 1970s; more than three decades later, those friendships remain every bit as strong.

Hard-rocking in the Heavy Seventies

Old and young, rising stars and fabled legends, jazzbos, rockers, and troubadours—all sorts of performers left their mark on the students of Trenton State in the 1970s.

Letter box: June 2012

Some readers have their say. Find out how you can, too.

Tax the rich?

Is the Buffett Rule the best way to reduce economic inequality in the United States? We asked a group of faculty experts to weigh in on tax fairness, income equality, and the economic, political, and philosophical implications such a tax code change might have.

Den mother

Sharon Pfluger ’82 has built two sports dynasties—and one big, extended family—
at her alma mater.

Looking back: June 2012

We found this picture in the college archives. Can you help us determine where and when it was taken?

$2 million grant will create programs to help state’s ESL educators

The programming created from this grant will allow TCNJ to train the state’s educators to meet the“linguistic, social, and academic needs” of the state’s language minority students.

An end to parking woes on campus?

In an effort to reduce TCNJ’s greenhouse gas emissions, the President’s Climate Commitment Committee recently launched a carpooling website.