Looking back: June 2011

Looking back: June 2011

We’re pretty sure lying down on the rope is against the rules in tug-of-war, but no one seems to have mentioned that to the individuals at the bottom left of this photo. The picture is from the 1984 Seal, one of many included among six pages of photos from a picnic that appears to have taken place on or near the old Dean Field (for you younger readers, that’s about where the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building and Paul Loser Hall now stand). The day seems to have included plenty of beers, burgers, and bottoms—it looks like some attendees thought it a good idea to moon the crowd—but the Seal makes no mention of what event brought everyone together. Perhaps you’re pictured here or were there that day? We’d love to hear your recollections. Write us at magazine@tcnj.edu.

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  1. It was some kind of “Spring Fling.” I wasn’t there, but I remember the event…

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