Letter box: September 2010

Letter box: September 2010


Hey, that’s me!

My picture appears in the [article about] the Pub (June 2010 Then and Now)…. I am the guy second from the right….I attended TSC from 1974–79, but did not graduate because I spent too many hours in the Pub. Despite that I have done very well…. That was my freshman year, 1974, and probably Wednesday dollar-pitcher Happy Hour.

Walter Netzke

Hey, that’s not me!

Imagine my surprise when I saw myself listed as one of the TCNJ alumni members of East Windsor’s Kreps Middle School staff. I moved to the Tampa, Florida, area shortly after graduation as a business major. I’m curious who that person really is, and how my name got to be printed. A brief search of the alumni site doesn’t show any other Wolfsons for 1978 (although I graduated as a Gavzy!). Can you satisfy my curiosity?

Nina (Gavzy) Wolfson  ’78

Ed’s note: Oops, our mistake. The photo of TCNJ alumni teachers from Kreps showed Ina Wolfson. Ina wrote to explain that, as a graduate student at the College, she studied for two years under Professor Yiqiang Wu while working toward her New Jersey state certification in ESL/Bilingual. Our apologies to Nina and Ina.

DeNicola photo strikes a chord

In the late ’80s, I was in the Jazz Lab with Professor Tony DeNicola (who sadly passed away a few years ago) leading us. It was one of the highlights of being a music major at TSC, and my best memories of the Rat were those nights. Thanks for including them!

Karen Conover ’92

Re: “Building solid futures for Trenton students”

Four of the five photos on pages 10 and 11 in the June 2010 issue were taken at Princeton-Blairstown Center where the TCHS juniors in the Bonner program spent two days in October 2009 developing leadership skills, learning conflict resolution techniques, and honing their abilities to collaborate and communicate to achieve success…. The skills that the Bonner program students work on through outdoor activities at this annual retreat in the woods include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship skills that result in responsible decision-making that will affect their whole life. Princeton-Blairstown Center is very proud of the students who commit to the Bridge to Employment program at the Medical Arts Training Community of TCHS.  Along with co-sponsors Johnson & Johnson and TCNJ’s Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement, Blairstown applauds the dedication of these students to ensure bright futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

Carol Christofferson
The writer is director of development for Princeton-Blairstown Center.

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