Looking back: June 2010

Looking back: June 2010

look back june 2010

By all accounts, the weekly jazz concerts that took place in the Pub and the Rat during the 1970s and 1980s were out of this world. Bob Carr ’73, the former manager of both establishments, said the sessions were the brainchild of beloved music professor Tony DeNicola (far left in above photo). Usually DeNicola’s Trenton State College Jazz Lab performed, but biology professor Steve Klug recalled that DeNicola occasionally invited guest musicians to play along. Perhaps that’s what brought this hip triad together—that’s President Emeritus Clayton Brower tickling the ivories and Professor Emeritus Otto Helbig grooving on the violin. Perhaps you were there for this legendary jam session? Or you’ve got another story to tell about those weekly concerts? Either way, we’d dig it if you wrote us at magazine@tcnj.edu to share. Or, share your thoughts below.

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  1. […] In the photo that sparked our discussion (”Looking back,” June 2010), Helbig was pictured playing violin in the Rathskeller, accompanied by the late Professor Emeritus Tony DeNicola on drums and President Emeritus Clayton Brower on piano. But the affable Helbig admitted that the scene was, in fact, a ruse. And he was kind enough to write us with his version of what actually occurred: […]

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