This is Abrar Ebady

This is Abrar Ebady

When the world fails to stop bombs from raining on Syrians, shelter may be found in the unexpected. Abrar Ebady goes close to the border to help a people heal.

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How to Get Involved

No one, Ebady says, is powerless to help. “If I, as a college student, could help, anyone can,” she says. Here, she offers a few suggestions for those looking to have an impact on the Syrian refugee crisis.

1) Spread the Word: “Sign petitions, attend a meeting, tell your friends,” Ebady says. “We need to say that there’s something going on in the world that we should be talking about, that we should be doing something about, that we should take action.”

2) Fundraise: Even a small donation can make a difference, Ebady says. “The Syrian-American Medical Society, the organization where I worked, pays for refugees to come to the clinic. The last thing you want to do when you have no income is to spend three of four dollars for a cab ride.”

3) Volunteer: Ebady chose to head to Jordan directly, but with the settlement of refugees in the U.S. allows more chances to work closely with aid groups helping refugee families in transition—a local opportunity to provide support for victims of a global crisis. —Dan Morrell

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