Looking Back: December 2012

By the 1950s, a tradition had taken root on campus wherein each holiday season male students would travel from dorm to dorm singing Christmas carols. From what we can ascertain, the tradition seems to have continued until at least the 1970s. We’re not sure when this photo, which was culled from the College’s archives, was taken, but it looks to be at some point within that time frame. If you’re among the “merry gentlemen” pictured here or know someone who is, or even if you just have a tale you’d like to share about holidays past on campus, we’d love to hear from you. Write us at magazine@tcnj.edu.

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  1. [...] note: We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the carolers pictured in last issue’s “Looking back” were members of Theta Nu Sigma, the fraternity that was also featured in the “‘Tale-gating’ [...]

  2. [...] “The Fraternal Songsters” pictured in December issue’s “Looking Back,” came somewhat after my time. My then boyfriend, Milt Richey ’55, was a music major and a Theta Nu [...]

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